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Las Vegas Gambles on a Future With Car Sharing for Everyone

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is investing $350 million in an ambitious redevelopment plan that includes a new model for getting around Sin City

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With the exception of a few trucks and SUVs, intended for users who need to move furniture or head to the mountains for the weekend, the entire fleet of Project 100 shared and chauffeured cars will be electric. Ware says electric trucks and SUVs will be added if and when suitable options become available, and the company is testing small electric concept cars from Nissan that could be used for short trips around town. Charging will happen in a central hub, so users needn’t worry about finding a place to plug in.

At this point, Project 100 has received only two of the 100 ordered Model S sedans (the rest are still being engineered by Tesla and Project 100 to enable the vehicle-tracking that Project 100 requires), and it is waiting for the local utility to connect the charging station to the grid. Ware is optimistic that neither the cars nor the grid connection will slow down the project for more than a few months, though, and he is already envisioning Project 100 expanding to other U.S. cities soon. "I don't want to over-design for Vegas," he says. "I think you can look at most cities in America and they're prime for this type of transportation."

"It's a big challenge,” says Chin, “but if we're going to reduce our dependence on cars we're going to need non-automotive guys leading the way." 


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