Top 13 U.S. Winter Olympians

These athletes took home gold, but also stole our hearts. Choose your favorite winter Olympian in our poll

Shaun White, Snowboarding (Joe Klamar / AFP / Getty Images)

Peggy Fleming, Figure Skating

Peggy Fleming, Figure Skating
(Staff / AFP / Getty Images)

In 1961, United States figure skating was dealt a harsh blow when a plane flying the U.S. team to the world championship crashed outside of Brussels, Belgium. Peggy Fleming, then a 12-year-old skater from San Jose, California, lost her coach, Bill Kipp, in the accident. But she continued to skate. By 1967, Fleming had won four U.S., one North American and two world titles. To many, she represented the rebirth of skating. ABC’s Wide World of Sports declared her its Athlete of the Year in 1967, and the skater earned the United States its only gold medal in the 1968 Olympics in Grenoble, France.


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