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It's Over

We asked readers to tell us where they were and how they reacted to the news that World War II had ended. And what a response we got!

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I was an "anchor baby" in 1938. My father was a supervisor at Curtis Wright in Buffalo, New York. Since my dad had come from Germany, we had the FBI at our curb for as long as I can recall. They used to follow me to school. I remember the day the war ended, the FBI cars disappeared. My maternal grandparents were ecstatic; my grandfather was Jewish. My fraternal grandfather was joyful. My fraternal grandmother was very upset. She adored Adolph. She was sort of like the middle-aged women in the front rows at Liberace concerts, screaming and applauding a man they knew absolutely nothing about.

Elaine Gilroy





I was in the U.S. Army Air Force stationed at Keesler Field in Biloxi, Mississippi when the war ended. All personnel were restricted to the base. A buddy and I tried to drink up the beer supply on the base. We didn't succeed but we did get very drunk.

Theodore R. Pfrimmer
Duluth, GA

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