Conventional Facts

Conventional Facts

First national political convention: 1831, convened by the Anti-Masonic Party

First Democratic national convention: 1832

First Republican national convention: 1856

First woman presidential candidate: Victoria Woodhull, nominated in 1872 by the Equal Rights Party at the Apollo Theater in New York City

First African-American nominated for vice president: Frederick Douglass, in 1872 by the Equal Rights Party

First woman delegates: Frances Warren of Wyoming (Republican) and Elizabeth Cohen of Utah (Democratic), both in 1900

First convention to be broadcast on radio: 1924, both Republican and Democratic conventions

First televised convention: 1940 (Republican)

First appearance of a presidential nominee at a national convention: 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Democratic national convention in Chicago

Shortest convention: 6 hours, 1872 (Democratic)


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