Q and A with Director Shawn Levy

The director of both Night at the Museum movies talks about the ups and downs of filming at the Smithsonian

Shawn Levy, director of both Night at the Museum films, hopes his latest film will inspire people to visit America's museums. (Doane Gregory)

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I hope they’ll come away with two things. The first is an appreciation for America’s museum. You know this museum of ours that is supported by our taxpaying dollars and houses such a range of priceless and impressive and cool and archival material—I hope that it will inspire an interest in checking out the real thing for themselves because it was certainly a thrill for me to explore the range and depth of the exhibits there.

And the other thing is the theme of the movie which is about a guy who has lost his way who is no longer enjoying what he does every day and who sparks up this friendship with Amelia Earhart—famous for having gotten lost but who ironically helps him find his way back to his better self. With a theme that is not coincidentally the title of Earhart’s autobiography For the Fun of It and as someone who gets to go to work and have fun doing what I do every day, I hope that especially young people will aspire to find that same niche for themselves.

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