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(Nebraska State Historical Society)

Greetings From the Land of the Make-Believe Species

Postcards provided proof of lake serpents, jackalopes and assorted curious monsters

Capture of the Hodag at Rhinelander, Wisconsin

(Courtesy of Loren Coleman, International Cryptozoology Museum)
Seven feet long, 265 pounds, the ferocious hodag bristles with Triceratops-like horns. Long the stuff of lumberjack lore, the beast was finally captured by Eugene Simeon Shepard, a naturalist in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, in 1896. He kept it in a pit behind his house. (The pit reportedly still exists.) When outside scientists and zoo officials came to check it out, they found an equally intriguing creation made out of wood and ox-hides, bull horns and bent steel rods.

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