Excerpts From Patience Worth's The Sorry Tale

Excerpts FromPatience Worth'sThe Sorry Tale


St. Louis housewife Pearl Lenore Curran was the stenographer for the words of Patience Worth, a spirit who wrote poems and stories through a Ouija board. These stories became bestsellers and a national phenomenon. The following excerpts are from The Sorry Tale: A Story of the Time of Christ was published in 1917 and received rave reviews. Learn more about Patience in Smithsonian’s article “Patience Worth: Author From the Great Beyond” from the October 2010.

Excerpt from Book 2, Chapter I

And behold, there shone from the east the white light of the early dawn. And this was at the fulling of the days unto the tides and the tides unto the many.

And Jerusalem stood upon the down-turn of the hill’s-bowls. And the road’s-way unto her walls stood as the strands of a web.

And lo, there rode, upon a camel’s pack, a one upon the in-road unto her, and this shewed within the white light. And the sun came up and lo, reds crept and golds glinted, and upon the young sun’s redded ball the camel man shewed black and the camel sunk and rose upon his loose legs. And the one cried out: “E-e-e-o-e! E-e-e-o-e!” and the beast stealth-slipped on.

The packs glisted of sands. And the one plucked sands from his binded head and shook his raiment, the whited mantle that hung loose at the arms. And he reached within his mantle sleeve and brought forth sands. And within the cloth that bound him of his loins, the many colored cloth, he slipped his slim fingers and brought forth metal dusts and weighted them within his palms and slipped into a sheepskin sack. And he oped up his lips and cried out unto his beast: “E-e-e-o-he!” And the beast onned slow unto the gate’s arch.

And this was the oping time. And the one cast unto the gate’s man the sack of metal dust, and he who watched at the gate’s-way questioned: “Whither and whence?”

And the one answered: “From the sands of the Shur.”

And the gate’s man spake: “This meaneth naught unto Rome!”

And the one said: “Yea, yea, so! But Rome shall know of what bindeth within this pack.”


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