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Bruce Willis gives John McClane's blood-smeared undershirt to the Smithsonian. Yippee-ki-yay...


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Going to see it with an audience. It's kind of like going to an amusement park and going on a big roller coaster ride. It's just fun, it's entertaining. It's still a lot of fun for me to be an entertainer. It's a cool job.

I understand you actually bleed your own blood at one point in the latest movie.

Yeah. I just got cut.

How often do you get hurt?

Not that often. More banged up than cut. I have a couple souvenirs from every one of the Die Hard movies.

How many of the stunts and fight scenes did you do yourself?

The first one and the fourth one I did 80 or 85 percent. There are some things I just can't do. Or shouldn't do. But I did a lot more now than I did in the middle two.

Why did you do more in the new one?

I think because the stunt guys and the stunt coordinators were giving me a hard time. They were saying, "Oh, you're getting older now, you probably shouldn't be doing stunts." And of course that made me do even more. Which I think is another American concept.

After having the experience of being John McClane, do you think you could hold your own if there were a real terrorist attack?

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