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A New Look at the Men of Baseball’s Past

Charles Conlon’s classic photographs of baseball players from the early 20th century offer a glimpse into a familiar sport at an otherworldly time

Pete Sivess

Pete Sivess
(© Sporting News)
Conlon shot everyone, even the marginal ballplayers. Introducing Pete Sivess, who had a forgettable three-year stint with the Philadelphia Phillies in the late 1930s. In his second career, Sivess was a spy for the Central Intelligence Agency during the Cold War. He spoke Russian fluently—his parents were immigrants—and he debriefed and rehabilitated defectors from the Soviet bloc nations. “Thanks to Conlon, we can put a face to a name,” says McCabe.

Author Bio: David Davis is the author of Showdown at Shepherd’s Bush, an account of the 1908 Olympic marathon in London, due in June 2012 from St. Martin's Press.

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