250 Years of Wedgwood

Two new exhibitions celebrate the enduring wares of ceramics designer and entrepreneur Josiah Wedgwood

Josiah Wedgwood's innovative products gained popularity and by 1763, he was filling orders for kings, queens and nobles. (Courtesy of Wedgwood, WWRD)

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Wedgwood “created ceramics for everything you did,” including dog bowls, toilet bowls and sinks, Forschler-Tarrasch says. The company traditionally supplied dairies with dairy ware and apothecaries with mortar and pestles.

“If people don’t know a lot about Wedgwood, they probably think of it as bridal china or blue and white jasper,” Dunkley says. “But what they’re going to see [at the DAR exhibit] is a huge range of objects, some of it quite artistic.” Along with a wide variety of tableware and ornamental objects, the DAR’s Wedgwood exhibit will include a mortar and pestle and a laboratory tray that was used in the taxidermy department at the Smithsonian until 1957.


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