The Lost City Museum

721 S. Moapa Valley Blvd, Overton, NV 89040 - United States





The Lost City Museum was built in 1935 by the National Park Service to exhibit artifacts that were being excavated from Pueblo Grande de Nevada. These Ancestral Puebloan sites were being threatened by the waters of Lake Mead as it backed up behind the newly built Hoover Dam. Eventually, when the lake was filled to capacity, about five miles of sites had been inundated or undercut by the water.


1935 Gallery
Permanent Exhibit: Daily Life of the Ancestral Puebloans

1973 Gallery
Permanent Exhibit: Southern Nevada Landscapes of Change
Permanent Exhibit: Minerals and Fossils

1981 Gallery
Permanent Exhibit: Uncovering the Past – Archaeology of the Lost City
Temporary Exhibit: Photographs of the Southern Paiute (1871-1873) by John K. Hillers
Permanent Exhibit: Southern Paiute Baskets from the Joseph F. and Kathryn A. Perkins Collection
Temporary Exhibit: Nevada 150
Permanent Exhibit: The Excavation of an Ancestral Pueblo House

Lost City – Ancient Pueblo Outpost (~20 min)
Preserving the Past (~20 min)

Exterior Exhibits
Reconstructed pit house
Replica Pueblos
Historic farm equipment
Desert gardens

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