North Museum of Nature and Science

400 College Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603 - United States



Since 1953, the North Museum of Nature and Science has been Lancaster’s place to discover science, nature, and cultures–from a turtle’s webbed feet to the dirty chunks of ice that form a comet. For generations of visitors, a trip to the North has sparked their curiosity, leading to a journey of lifelong learning. At the North Museum we are dedicated to inspiring curiosity, discovery, and a lifelong appreciation of nature, science, and cultures through educational exhibits, collections, and programs. Visit our new Explore Nature Gallery Watch a live honeybee hive at work Crawl into our awesome indoor giant discovery tree Make new friends in our Live Animal Room Explore the microscopic with our HD magnifier Experience the first of its kind SciDome Theater


Your Gateway to the Universe
Come explore over 500 million years of history and science and let your inner scientist come out to play!

Discover the natural world through the North Museum’s many exhibits- from live animals and interactive displays to the beautifully displayed birds, mammals, fossils and minerals.

Light up your curiosity and imagination while learning how Scientists and Inventors are using their knowledge of the natural world to create new, amazing, and life-changing advances in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Explore the Universe with our astronomy experts.
From deep inside the Earth’s core to the outer limits of our universe, explore the cosmos up close in an immersive experience and unique perspective within South Central Pennsylvania’s largest Planetarium, the SciDome Theater.

Get to know more than twenty different species of animals in the North Museum’s Live Animal Room. Say hello to snakes, lizards, degus, turtles, toads, tarantulas, and more.

Our antique display cases show off many geological finds, while the newer cases are filled with informative displays.

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