Look for more people riding on battery power.

Will America ever love electric bikes?

Most bikers scoff at them, but as the U.S. population ages and gas prices rise, expect to see more bikes running on batteries

U2 was here—and so were thousands of fans who managed to find the remote Mojave Desert location of the very Joshua tree depicted in the photo series accompanying U2's 1987 album. The tree has died and now lies in brittle bits and pieces.

From the Joshua Tree to The Slaughtered Lamb: Destinations of Story and Song

Should you go to Cephalonia, bring a copy of the Odyssey—perhaps the truest guidebook to this Greek island


The Secret Lives of Medieval Books

A new method reveals which pages of ancient religious texts were most frequently used—and which prayers perpetually put readers to sleep

The shape of the "Pachysuchus" fossil (in grey) set into a sauropodomorph dinosaur skull

Pachysuchus Actually a Hidden Dinosaur

A strange jaw fragment, once thought to belong to a crocodile-like predator, turned out to be a dinosaur

Ai WeiWei's zodiac animals come to the Hirshhorn plaza.

Ai WeiWei’s Giant Animal Heads at the Hirshhorn Fountain

Chinese artist Ai WeiWei challenges ideas of authenticity with his reproduction of Qing dynasty zodiac animal heads, now on view at the Hirshhorn Museum

A view from the train on the way to Tibet

All Aboard the Beijing-Lhasa Express

The writer casts aside concerns about comfort and political correctness to take the rail trip of a lifetime

Jacob Lawrence, Bar and Grill, 1941 from the new exhibit "African American Art: Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Era, and Beyond."

Events April 27-29: Insight into 20th-Century African American Art, Anacostia River & Jazz Fest, Gamer Symphony Orchestra

This weekend, get some insight into 20th-Century African American Art and hear the Gamer Symphony Orchestra perform arrangements of video game music

Cover to the April 1938 issue of Popular Science magazine

Rocket to the Stars at the 1939 New York World’s Fair

A trip into space without leaving Earth--or even going outdoors

A future vision of Fresno, California, as proposed by architect Darin Johnstone and environmental consultant Mark Merkelbach

Futureproofing California Farmland

Design teams propose new models for farming and suburban development in California's water-scarce Central Valley


Edgar Allan Poe: Hollywood’s Favorite Mad Genius

Tracing the work of the famed writer through movies


Theodore Roosevelt’s Life-Saving Speech

When a would-be assassin shot, the 50-page manuscript and metal eyeglasses case tucked against Roosevelt's chest absorbed the blow


Magical Thinking and Food Revulsion

Carol Nemeroff studies why certain foods, such as feces-shaped fudge, pink slime, or recycled tap water, gross us out

The skull of Tarbosaurus

Tarbosaurus Leftovers Explain Dinosaur Mystery

Peculiar bite marks suggest why paleontologists have found so little of the enigmatic, long-armed dinosaur Deinocheirus


Meat Helps Human Populations Grow

A new study links eating meat to shorter periods of nursing, allowing women to bear more children

Armored Train in Action (1915) by Gino Severini. Italian Futurist paintings adopted a Cubist visual vocabulary but were bolder and brasher.

Futurism Is Still Influential, Despite Its Dark Side

Louis Armstrong embodied stardom in jazz. Photo courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery; gift of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Willoughby

Amy Henderson: Satchmo at the National Press Club

Guest blogger and Portrait Gallery historian Amy Henderson discusses Louis Armstrong and the meaning of stardom

The Voyagers are still within the heliosheath, the outer layer of the solar system

Voyager Probes Not Out of the Solar System Just Yet

New data show that nearly 35 years after their launches, NASA's Voyager probes are now at the outermost reaches of the solar system

King Juan Carlos, at right, stands with his guide from Rann Safaris as his dead Botswanan elephant lies propped against a tree.

World Wildlife Hunt

It takes $6,000 to shoot a leopard in Botswana. For $1,200, you can shoot a crocodile. Short on cash? There's always baboons, which go for $200 a pop

A restoration of Ichthyovenator by Michel Fontaine

Ichthyovenator: The Sail-Backed Fish Hunter of Laos

The spinosaur, apparently the first confirmed in Asia, had a wavy sail that dipped downwards at the hips, creating the appearance of two smaller sails

"Jeopardy's" Power Players Week is filmed at Constitution Hall in DC.

When Celebrity Jeopardy Comes to the National Mall

Jeopardy's annual "Power Players" show airs this week, pitting journalists, pundits and newsmakers against each other

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