A skeleton reconstruction of Eoabelisaurus, showing the recovered parts of the skeleton

New Dinosaur Signifies Dawn of Stubby-Armed Predators

A newly described abelisaurid pushes back the history of the blunt-skulled, stubby-armed predators


Summer Movie Forecast: More of the Same

Hollywood has always loved sequels, and judging from the box office viewers do too


New Coating Gets Ketchup Out Lickety-Split

A substance developed at MIT sends viscous condiments pouring out of bottles with ease

A woman is made to smell her partner's body odors to see if they're suitable for marriage

Mechanical Matchmaking: The Science of Love in the 1920s

Four "scientific" tests to determine whether your marriage will succeed or fail

The National Zoo's new cheetah cubs, at 16 days old

Two Cheetah Cubs, Rescued from the Brink of Death, Arrive at the National Zoo

After a risky caesarean section and intensive care, two cheetah cubs have been nursed back to health and now come to live at the Zoo

Hedy Lamarr in a 1942 publicity photo

Team Hollywood’s Secret Weapons System

Photographer Eric Long captures a rainbow over the Air and Space Museum.

Capturing the Moment: A Rainbow this Morning on The National Mall

Smithsonian Institution staff photographer Eric Long captured the moment this morning on his way to work


A Dinosaur Expedition Doomed From the Start

A wannabe-biologist is planning to bring a dinosaur back alive, even though the creature he's after doesn't exist

A European tour via Volvo

Take a Vacation on Volvo

Once you get your car you’re free to hit the road along the west coast of Sweden with its fishing villages, traditional folkways and islands

The entrance to Shanidar Cave in northern Iraq

Human Evolution Discoveries in Iraq

Fossils from the Shanidar Cave provide insights on health, violence and death rituals among Neanderthals


What Sunken Sandwiches Tell Us About the Future of Food Storage

The sinking of the Alvin was an accident that demonstrated the promise of a novel food preservation method

Crawfish étouffée

Five Quintessential Cajun Foods

If you've only had the pleasure of eating a bowl of gumbo, queue up some Beausoleil and prepare some of these specialties

The author stands at the entrance to the hilltop cave near Saint Julien de Lampon, that served in the 1940s as a wartime refuge from Nazis.

Resistance to Nazis in a Land Riddled with Caves

We wondered if the cave's tenants peered down at the valley and if they wrapped all glassware in cloth to prevent reflective giveaways to the Nazis below

Will extraterrestrial caves house unusual life forms, as the Katafiki Cave in Greece does?

What Will We Find in Extraterrestrial Caves?

Scientists hope to look for extraterrestrial life in a new place: recently discovered caves in places like the moon, Mars and Titan

A design diagram for the interior of the Stratocruiser

The 86-Year-Old Company that Still Designs Your In-Flight Experience

Seattle-based design firm Teague has designed every Boeing aircraft interior since the 1940s, from the post-WWII Stratocruiser to the 2009 Dreamliner

1966-67 AAA map of New York

Maps of the Future

A 1989 prediction about portable GPS devices was right on the money


Tarbosaurus on Trial

An almost certainly poached tyrannosaur skeleton kicks off a legal dispute over Mongolia's fossil heritage


A Medieval Castle in the Making

The construction of a medieval fortress in France is answering important questions about 13th-century building techniques

Bring your toddler and rock out with Shine and the Moonbeams at the Discovery Theater.

Events May 22-24: Shade-Grown Coffee, Public Observatory Project, and Tot Rock

This week, try a cup of organic shade-grown coffee, see spots on the sun, and bring your toddlers to rock out with Shine and the Moonbeams

London's a leader among smart cities

When Cities Run Themselves

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