Sometimes sleeping on the ground is cooler and more comfortable for chimpanzees.

Chimpanzees Sleep in Trees to Escape the Humidity

Making nests in trees keeps chimps comfortable and safe from nighttime predators

A professor of the future gives a lecture via television (1935)

Predictions for Educational TV in the 1930s

Before it became known as the "idiot box," television was seen as the best hope for bringing enlightenment to the American people

Uniforms for Pan Am (1969-1971), United (1968-1970), and Southwest (1995-2004)

Judging an Airline by its Uniform

What flight attendant uniforms say about airline brand identity, cultural attitudes, and passenger psychology

The MinION device might sequence your entire genome over the course of hours and plug into your computer.

Cracking the Code of the Human Genome

Quick and Cheap DNA Sequencing On the Horizon?

A new technique reads DNA base by base by threading it through a tiny pore

Legendary birdwatcher, artist and author Kenn Kaufman discusses the phenomenon of migration at the National Zoo on Thursday.

Events May 29-31: Tarantula Feedings, Hollywood Pop Quiz, and Kenn Kaufman

Genome sequencing will soon be part of everyday medicine.

The Genome That Keeps on Giving

When scientists mapped the human genetic blueprint, people said it would change medicine because we'd be able to get clues about our future health

The table is set with a heaping salad of beets, soft-boiled eggs, orange and avocado. Dressed with a zesty walnut oil vinaigrette, this dish goes exceptionally well with an anonymous red Gascogne blend from a wine shop bulk barrel.

Sleep Like a Pauper, Eat Like a King

Between grocery stores, wine shops, artisan bakeries and farm stands, I regain each calorie I burn in style and taste

Archosaur skull changes (juveniles on the left, adults on the right). While there was a significant amount of change between the juvenile and adult skulls of alligators (top) and the non-avian dinosaur Coelophysis (middle), there was little change between the juvenile and adult skulls of early birds such as Archaeopteryx (bottom) and their closest dinosaur relatives.

Birds Have Juvenile Dinosaur Skulls

The peculiar way birds grow up got its start among feathery non-avian dinosaurs

Franklin Delano Roosevelt by Douglas Granville Chandor

Amy Henderson: The Shock of the Old

For generations immersed in social media, culture means a different thing than it did in 1940

Etta Shiber

“I Was Looking Forward to a Quiet Old Age”

Instead, Etta Shiber, a widow and former Manhattan housewife, helped smuggle stranded Allied soldiers out of Nazi-occupied in Paris

Four-person helicopter of the future (1944)

Big Things Ahead… But Keep Your Shirt On

Americans in the 1940s had wondrous expectations about the post-war world. Meet one author who advised them to curb their enthusiasm

The rebbachisaurid Limaysaurus. This sauropod was similar to the ones discovered by Salgado and colleagues in the Patagonian bonebed.

Social Sauropods?

A bonebed in Argentina with three sauropods of different sizes adds new evidence that some of these dinosaurs were social creatures


A Restored Version of Let There Be Light Available Online

Here's your chance to see a haunting and long suppressed WWII documentary about PTSD

Robert Weingarten's layered composite portrait of Dennis Hopper

Vote To Put An Icon in the American History Museum

From now through Friday, you have the chance to help decide which icon of American History will be featured in a new portrait by artist Robert Weingarten

Ross Braught, a largely forgotten artist who surely knew Jackson Pollock, painted the mural Mnemosyne and the Four Muses for the Kansas City Music Hall.

Where Did Jackson Pollock Get His Ideas?

A talented painter who died poor and forgotten may have inspired the influential American artist's work in ceramics

Portrait of Black Madonna, by Benny Andrews, is on display in the new exhibition, “African American Art: Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Era and Beyond.”

Events May 25-27: Laundry Day, Healing and Aloha, 100 Artworks at the American Art Museum

This weekend, air out your dirty laundry, live the life of "aloha" and check out the American Art Museum's latest exhibit

Indian soldiers in the service of the East India Company-who outnumbered British troops in India five to one–loading cartridges.

Pass it on: The Secret that Preceded the Indian Rebellion of 1857

British officials were alarmed at the rapid distribution of mysterious Indian breads across much of the Raj

The author, on tour in the Sauternes region of Bordeaux, loved the gold-hued sweet wine of the area but filled his bottle with local bulk red.

Tasting France’s Finest Wines

Sauternes is a village near Bordeaux that would have been cow town if dumb luck, microclimatology and royal wineries had not showered the region in fortune

Our relationship with ice cream is getting complicated.

What’s Going On With Ice Cream?

Not only is it now available in once unimaginable flavors, like salted caramel and prosciutto, but scientists also are trying to make it good for you


The Birth of Non-Alcoholic Ketchup

One of the first recipes for ketchup published in the United States called for "love apples"

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