Student Rocketry Challenge Blasts Off

Winners take home big prizes (and compete to be the next generation of aerospace leadership) in the Team America Rocketry Challenge.


A Saturn V’s Final Journey: From Mildew to Museum

A new book recounts (sort of) the difficult restoration of a deteriorating Saturn V


Personal Jetpacks of the Future, Today

Watch Yves Rossy fly his jet-powered wing above the Swiss countryside

Discovery Joins the National Air and Space Museum

Two space shuttles parked nose-to-nose today; one leaving its museum home and the other ready to take its place


Thursday Night is Yuri’s Night

How will you celebrate human spaceflight on April 12?

The Bone Yard Project

Street art revives ancient airplanes.


Kudos for Cassini

The U.S./European Saturn mission takes home a trophy.


Volcanism in Far Places

The Planetary Science Institute has released a new geological map of Jupiter's moon Io, integrating information taken by the Voyager and Galileo spacecraft.


A Capital Landing

A look back at Claude Grahame-White's 1910 landing next to the White House.

ATREX will launch five sounding rockets into the thermosphere to study ultra-high altitude winds. NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Rockets Over the East Coast

NASA is getting ready to launch a barrage of rockets that should be visible along the U.S. Eastern seaboard.

The Long Range Strike Bomber will join the B-2 in the U.S. Air Force bomber fleet.

Bomber of the Future

Aircraft manufacturers compete to build the Long Range Strike Bomber

An artist's conception of GJ 1214b

Weird Water on GJ1214b

Astronomers learn more about a hot, watery, exotic "super-Earth"

An unmanned K-MAX from Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron 1 in Afghanistan.

K-MAX at Work

A few months into testing, the new cargo helo seems to be performing well

Scaling the Universe

The Known Universe is a 21st-century upgrade to our visualization of the sheer size of things


Clickable Space Exploration

A handy interactive map shows what lies ahead in space over the next decade.


Shhh, We’re Hunting Asteroids

DARPA's Space Surveillance Telescope is seeking out potentially Earth-threatening asteroids

Screenshot from UAVForge-submitted video for a concept by team GremLion.


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is trying out innovation the 21st century way: crowdsourcing


Mass Map

Scientists offer a mesmerizing visual of the matter that makes up, well, everything.


Post-holiday Diet Starts at the Airport

Detroit flyers can get a head-start on resolution dieting at their top ranking healthiest airport


Tweetups Then and Now

Lockheed Martin held their first Tweetup this week, inviting fans to see the last F-22 roll out of the factory. So what's a Tweetup and how did they start?

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