Still from Space X video of Grasshopper test launch.

Space X’s Grasshopper Makes Successful Leap

And a hexacopter was hovering nearby to film it

The orbiter Endeavour dwarfs Sarens operator Gordon Lofts – and everyone else along the route – as it negotiates the 12 miles from airport to science center.

Driving the Space Shuttle

How a team of experts navigated a spaceship through the streets of L.A.


Europe’s (Really) Cool Telescope Ends Operations

The Herschel Space Telescope closes its eye after the last of its coolant evaporated this week


A Brief Tour of Time (and Navigation)

A new exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum tells us where we are, and how to get where we're going next


Gratitude for the Backyard Astronomer

An annual award recognizes amateurs for finding rocks in the sky

Artist's conception of asteroid 2012 DA14 passing  through the Earth-moon system on Feb. 15, 2013.

“Vermin of the Skies”

The JPL scientist in charge of tracking incoming asteroids tells us if we should be worried.

A laser shoots from the Keck observatory dome to act as a guide star.

Adaptive optics and lasers are giving ground-based telescopes better-than-Hubble views.

Laser guide stars.

Satellite communications technicians conduct routine maintenance on a satellite dish at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan.

Can the Pentagon Unbundle Its Behemoth Space Systems?

Support for "disaggregation" of military satellites is getting louder



In the 1950s, balloons carried live mice to near-space to study how the trip might affect astronauts


Gorgeous Victorian 4BR 2.5BA, Priced To Ship to Mars ASAP!

A realty company wondered what it might cost to launch your house to Mars.


NASA’s Road to the Future

A new interactive graphic highlights the space agency's plans.

Beavers On Parachutes

In 1948, Idaho decided the best way to move beavers was to airdrop them

After a successful wartime career as a patrol aircraft, the Martin Mariner served as an aerial firefighter and a fish hauler.

The Smithsonian Roadshow

Can’t make it to the Museum? There might be an artifact on loan right in your neighborhood.


750 Meters Later

Masten Space System's test vehicle, Xombie, took a nice ride this week

After 1,000 Martian days, Spirit would have finally reached Space Mountain. Click here to see the full-size map.

If Spirit Had Gone to Disney World

For all its traveling, NASA's last Mars rover only covered about the same ground as a familiar theme park.


Kavli Meets Kuiper

Two decades later, three scientists are rewarded for discovering a new body of objects in our solar system.


Good Luck, From Space

Astronauts and satellites get to watch the Games from Olympian heights

The shuttle mock-up in 1974 inside the original Rockwell plant in Downey, California.

Downey Will Display Shuttle Mock-Up

The Southern California birthplace of the space shuttle is going to spit-shine and welcome visitors to see a piece of nearly forgotten aerospace history

The original full-scale mockup of the space shuttle in 1974.

There’s One More Shuttle That Needs a Home

The forgotten shuttle model that supported North American Rockwell's bid to construct the Space Shuttle fleet


DARPA and Boeing to Dream Up New Airborne Launcher

Wanted: an airborne system than can launch 100-pound satellites for under $1 million.

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