US Marine forward air controllers

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Population: Zero. Threat level: High

In Afghanistan, Marines and Afghan forces patrol under cover of an AH-64 Apache.

Control the Air

On the ground with Marines in Afghanistan, the author sees a different side of close air support.

Aviators of Marine Attack Squadron 23—the "Ace of Spades"—based out of Cherry Point, North Carolina maneuver their AV-8B Harriers for an aerial refueling mission high above Iraq's Al Anbar Province.

VIDEO: Refueling Over Iraq

Photojournalist Ed Darack watches the action from the open cargo door of a C-130J

From A UH-1N Huey helicopter, Corporal Andy Vistrand, a "Gunrunner" in Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 269, scans the countryside of Anbar province from behind a .50-caliber machine gun.

Air War Iraq

From Al Asad Air Base, portraits of U.S. aircraft and crews in the fourth year of fighting.

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