Astronauts Forget About Gravity

Joe Edwards (center) learned that in space, there is no up or down.

You’ve probably seen the video of astronaut Tom Marshburn talking about readjusting to Earth’s gravity. More than a million people have; it became Internet-famous for how lame it is. Marshburn pretends to drop a cup, then a pen…. In space, of course, both would have floated. Best comment on reddit: “Flunked out of drama class, decided to become an astronaut.” But it’s the kind of thing astronauts do when they come back.

In 1998, astronaut Joe Edwards spent about a week in orbit as the pilot on a space shuttle mission. During a medical exam after his return, a flight surgeon brought him lemonade, and asked him to remove his shoes. Sure enough, as he reached down to take his shoes off, Edwards released the paper cup (then spent a few minutes wiping up).

The best micro-G videos are shot in space. Astronaut Chris Hadfield got more then 12 million views just for wringing out a wet washcloth. That video went viral because what you see is not what you’d expect. Find the link at