Building a Cognitive Exoskeleton

Bill Casebeer speaks at Smithsonian magazine's 2015 Future Is Here Festival (11:33)

Bill Casebeer is a Research Area Manager in human systems optimization for Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technology Laboratories, where he leads science and technology development programs to improve human performance in multiple domains. Bill served as a Program Manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency from 2010-14 in the Defense Sciences Office and in the Biological Technologies Office, where he managed neuroscience, digital tutor and other training and education programs. He retired from active duty as a US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and intelligence analyst in August 2011. He holds a Bachelor of Science in political science from the US Air Force Academy, a Master of Arts in national security studies from the Naval Postgraduate School, a Master of Arts in philosophy from the University of Arizona and a joint PhD in cognitive science and philosophy from the University of California at San Diego. His research interests include the intersections of cognitive science and national security policy, neuroethics, political violence, human-machine interaction, and human performance.