Arctic Train

Capping off Sherrys journey was a two-night train ride back to Winnipeg. Built on permafrost that freezes and thaws and is ever shifting this is a one of a kind rail line. And while it a bit precarious and tough, the rail line is the only dry land connection between Churchill and the rest of Canada. For safety, the train is only allowed to go at a top speed of 40 mph. The thousand-mile train ride offered stunning views, as the boreal forest and the snow eventually succumbed to the heart of the Manitoba prairie and rural farms. Sherry shot a Hyperlapse video of the sunrise across the prairie with her HTC Bolt and also took the opportunity to take in some podcasts. It was my first time to check out the HTC Bolt adaptive earphones that use sonar technology for auto-calibration to my ears, she said. It made me forget the clicking and clacking of the train, and just enjoy my broadcasts. (0:48)