Nine Unique Gifts to Buy in Vienna

From specialty fruit preserves to Habsburg figurines, Austria’s capital has it all

Smithsonian Journeys Quarterly

In Vienna, shop clerks are specialists in behind-the-counter diplomacy. The welcome is warm. The attention polite, unaggressive, and tactful. Shoppers browse until help is needed; the hard sell never comes. If you say you want time to think about a purchase, the response is a graceful, “But of course you do!”

Loose-Weave Straw Hat

Mühlbauer hat store may be more than a hundred years old, but it’s anything but stodgy. In a generational shift, the family-owned enterprise was turned over to Klaus Mühlbauer who has added imaginative offerings like this unconstructed, loose-weave hat to the classic collection. Seilergasse 10.


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