Worlds collide in Washington State, where sea meets forest, forest meets desert and snow-capped mountains tower above it all. Few states can offer such a varied list of natural attractions: gorges, waterfalls, caves, sand dunes, rain forests, live volcanoes, ocean beaches and mountain meadows. The "Evergreen State" truly lives up to its name.

Washington's cities are abuzz with life and creative energy. From the charming art galleries of Seattle's historic Pioneer Square to the cutting edge bohemian Fremont district, to world-class symphony, opera and performing arts groups, Seattle has blossomed into a veritable cultural Mecca, and Tacoma isn't far behind.

With such icons as Mount Rainier, Pike Place Market, the Cascade Mountains, Lewis & Clark trail, plus breweries, wineries, a thriving arts scene, major ski areas, java that jolts you to life, and a world-renowned culinary base to satisfy any palate, it's no wonder Washington state draws visitors again and again.

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