Although Trinidad and Tobago is one nation and usually uttered in one breath, the two islands are very different places, with most of the development, industry, and population on Trinidad and more of a quiet, old-Caribbean feel to Tobago. Trinidad, located just off the coast of Venezuela, is the larger of the two at 1,886 square miles, while Tobago, which is situated to the northeast of Trinidad, is far smaller at 117 square miles. The islands have a combined population of just fewer than 1.3 million and English is Trinidad and Tobago's official language, although Spanish, French patois, Chinese, and other languages can be heard throughout the country—a reflection of the assortment of peoples that made their way to Trinidad and Tobago over its relatively short life span as an inhabited destination. Whether visitors come to enjoy the quiet beaches, have a riotous good time at Carnival or absorb the breathtaking flora and fauna of Trinidad and Tobago, the twin islands have something for everyone.

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