Although it sits just 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba feels much more European than South American. Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for nearly 200 years, the island's signature sights are its leaning divi-divi trees and its California Lighthouse. Encircled as it is by the bright turquoise waters of the south Caribbean Sea, Aruba is widely known for the year-round sunny climate and long, soft, white sand beaches that have long attracted throngs of vacationers.

And while those beaches are the island's main attraction, there are other sights to be seen as well. The waterfront capital of Oranjestad, on the northwest coast, is the center of Aruba's urban life and is home to most of the island's restaurants, museums, shopping, and nightlife. Inland, Aruba's semi-arid climate supports a variety of birdlife and lizards amidst a landscape of cacti, aloe, and dramatic rock formations. And all around it, the southern Caribbean waters sustain a wide variety of marine life, including coral and sea turtles.

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