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The 20 Most Iconic Food Destinations Across America

Every city has that one place that tourists and locals alike go to for local flavor. Which one is the best?

Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue ribs (Courtesy of Flickr user Joe Newman)

Camp Washington Chili

(MCT via Getty Images)
Chili may as well be its own food group in Cincinnati, where the dish has little in common with its Texan and South Carolinian counterparts, featuring a Greek-style tomato sauce that’s tangy instead of spicy. A single-store institution, Camp Washington Chili has been serving it five different ways, 24 hours a day, since 1940. The basic is a bowl of chili. It’s spread over spaghetti in a two-way, and shredded cheese is piled on to make a three-way. Four-way means onions, and the five-way is the works, complete with spaghetti smothered with cheese, beans and onions.
Website: campwashingtonchili.com

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