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The 20 Best Food Trucks in the United States

The food truck revolution is in full force as mobile restaurants around the country dish out tacos, BBQ and other great eats

(Courtesy of Kogi, via Facebook.)

East Side King, Austin, Texas

East Side King
(Courtesy of East Side King, via Facebook)

East Side King started in 2009 as one trailer tucked behind The Liberty, a dive bar in Austin. However, it has since grown into a chain of three colorful trucks, each serving a different menu of what Anthony Bourdain describes as “Japanese drunk food fusion.”

Bourdain featured the flagship trailer on his TV show, “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations,” in 2010. “Beef tongue sticky bun. Yes! Of course, I want to eat that. Roasted beef tongue, peanut curry, fried buns, basil, mint, cilantro, chili, sweet chili fish sauce. Yes! Yes!” cried Bourdain, on the episode. “We need more of this in New York. Come all ye hipsters with your mutant mash-up food, your strange and wondrous treats to my neighborhood—and soon.”

Serious Eats also reviewed the venue, having nothing but praise for East Side King’s beet fries. “Even lifelong beets naysayers might change their mind after trying these,” writes blogger Erin Zimmer. “The beet cubes are first roasted then fried, developing a thin shell that gives way to a creamy soft center. It’s beet candy….It makes you wonder why we’ve spent so long associating fries with just potatoes.”

East Side King’s co-owner Paul Qui, also executive chef at the Japanese restaurant Uchiko in Austin, is a finalist on this season’s “Top Chef.” – MG

Website: http://www.eastsidekingaustin.com/
Twitter: @EastSideKingATX
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/East-Side-King/312000692951


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