Shanghai’s European Suburbs

Chinese urban planners are building new towns with a foreign flair, each mimicking architecture from Europe’s storied cities

(Rémi Ferrand)

Anting New Town "Automobile City"

Germantown Shanghai
(Tong Lam)

Anting New Town, also known as Automobile City, was designed around a Volkswagen factory and brings Germany to mind. Buick, Ford, an F1 racing track and a car design university also have set up shop here. The town will eventually house 50,000 people.

The town was designed by Albert Speer Jr., the son of Hitler’s favorite architect, a fact that Westerners seem to bring up more than the Chinese who will be living in the town. Speer told Deutsche Welle, an international news site based in Germany, that in China, no one ever asks him about his father.


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