PHOTOS: The Best and Weirdest Roadside Dinosaurs

The concrete and plastic dinosaurs beside America’s highways can be strange and beautiful. Tell us which one you think is the best

(Brian Switek)

"Trixie" Triceratops Topiary, Valencia Street, San Francisco, California

Trixie Triceratops Topiary
(Reader, 'deep)
This is a Dinosaur Sighting first: One of the photos we shared on this blog inspired the creation of another public dinosaur.

While mulling over what kind of topiary he wanted in his parklet, reader ‘deep saw a photo of a snow Triceratops I posted two years ago. “Boom! Immediate win!!” he thought—the “serious cuteness” of Triceratops made the dinosaur the top pick for the garden sculpture. The process from clay model to finished dinosaur took about three weeks, and while Triceratops were not composed of lots of tiny plants, ‘deep is right that the sculpture is technically a “real, live dinosaur.” You can see the dinosaur—named “Trixie”—along Valencia Street in San Francisco, California.

For the whole story, including photos of the process, see ‘deep’s blog. Many thanks to ‘deep for this huge compliment to Dinosaur Tracking!

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