The Los Angeles That Was Never Built

Had these 13 grand architectural plans been executed, the city would look entirely different today

(Eric Lloyd Wright)

L.A. Civic Center, by Lloyd Wright

"Frank Lloyd Wright was not the only one of the Wrights to be thinking big," says Lubell. "His son, Lloyd Wright, was equally ambitious and innovative."

In 1925, the young Wright, who lived and worked in southern California, submitted this futuristic plan for a civic center to a design contest aimed at reimagining downtown Los Angeles. Meant for an area along the city's Grand Avenue, the multi-tiered complex consisted of City Hall at the top of a hill and other major civic buildings stepping down, with giant terraces and greenery.

"All of the circulation was going to be underground," says Lubell. "People would be walking above, but there were these speedways for car, train paths and rapid transit subways underneath that."


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