What to Give to the Traveler in Your Life

From clothespin reading lights to a clear-bottom kayak, gifts for every traveler (and price point)

Looking for a unique, useful gift for a traveler on your list? The Ostrich pillow may look unusual, but it's great for catching up on rest. (Studio Banana Things)

Conquest Adventures Inflatable Clear Bottom Kayak ($798.95)

(Conquest Adventures)

Sometimes, even getting in the water isn’t close enough to the action. They say that between 50 and 80 percent of all life on Earth can be found below the ocean’s surface—don’t miss any bit of that with this kayak, which features a clear bottom perfect for spotting fish and marine life while staying (hopefully) relatively dry. The Conquest Adventures two-person kayak even comes with a dual-action chamber air pump, which inflates the craft in ten minutes or less, meaning you’ll spend less time than ever with the boring 20 percent of life stuck on land.

Suggested by Natasha Geiling, online reporter


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