The Best Gifts to Give to the History Buff in Your Life

Civil War-era toys and a National Book Award winning title make our list of gift ideas for your favorite historian


Lego Architectural Sets



Earlier this year, our design writer Jimmy Stamp wrote about these fun LEGO sets for adults:

The sets aren’t exact Lego-built replicas, but artistic interpretations created through the medium of plastic brick. Every design is instantly recognizable—a testament to the artists and designers tasked with translating stone and brick to plastic brick. Despite their diminutive size, the surprisingly expensive sets manage to capture the distilled essence of the each structure.

Use your own construction skills to build replicas of architectural wonders like the Guggenheim Museum in New York and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and national treasures such as the White House or the Empire State Building.

Lego Architectural Sets

Suggested by Angela Serratore

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