Why Was Beyonce Not Cool Enough for the Smithsonian’s New “Cool” Exhibit?

When two scholars decided to pick 100 of the coolest Americans, it got dicey; here’s why

(José Goulão via Wikimedia Commons)

Tina Fey

(Rob Poetsch via Wikimedia Commons)

"I think for all the wrong reasons, people confused Tina Fey with her character, Liz Lemon, while 30 Rock was on. All her cache showed up afterwards. What got her back on track was, of course, her imitation of Sarah Palin.

I thought Tina Fey would be a slam-dunk. Everybody said, 'Eh, I think Tina Fey ain’t cool.' Also, I think her book Bossypants was a misstep in a lot of ways, both in tone and in general.

If we’re talking about the next generation in 20 to 25 years? Depending on her decisions, I think she could make it into the next exhibit."

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