For the first time, Smithsonian showcases
the Treasures of its Civil War Collections!

Smithsonian Civil War is a lavishly illustrated coffee-table book featuring 150 entries in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. From among tens of thousands of Civil War objects in the Smithsonian's collections, curators handpicked 550 items that reflect the full range of this devastating conflict - from before the war through the Reconstruction period. The perfect gift book for fathers and history lovers, Smithsonian Civil War combines one-of-a-kind, famous, and previously unseen relics from the war in a truly unique narrative.

Exclusive Bonus Section!

When you purchase now directly from Smithsonian, your edition will contain an exclusive bonus Q&A section with eight Smithsonian curators and historians. Get insights to these questions and more:

  • Why was Lincoln so poorly protected at Ford's Theatre the night of his assassination?
  • How did the slavery system work when men were away at war?
  • How did border states choose the sides that they did?
  • What is considered the most unusual firearm invented during the Civil War?

A Unique Look Inside the Smithsonian's
Civil War Collection

Parting Ways at West Point

While most cadets remained loyal to the United States, more than a quarter joined the Confederate Army.

Treating the Wounded

The number of casualties sustained during the Civil War astounded even the most experienced military surgeons.

Historic Handguns

Handguns, often issued to cavalrymen and seamen, were potent weapons when opponents met at close quarters.

Lincoln's Top Hat

The top hat Lincoln wore the night he was slain has become the iconic emblem of the martyred sixteenth president.
"I appear before you this evening as a thief and robber: I stole this head, these limbs, this body from my master; and ran off with them."
- Frederick Douglas