No Sinatra collection is complete without these 26 remarkable recordings, featuring 24 previously unreleased broadcast performances that include 14 songs never commercially released! Each and every performance on this special CD was specifically chosen for its rarity and importance. At the request of the Sinatra family, this CD is available exclusively from the Smithsonian. We expect this CD to become available in mid November.

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Commentary about this album by producer and Sinatra historian Charles L. Granata:

"The greatest pleasure that a record producer, music historian or recorded sound archivist can experience is the thrill of unexpectedly stumbling upon lost gems: elusive performances that an artist may have performed at home, sung in concert, on the radio or television or committed to tape during a rehearsal or recording session. Often, these non-commercial tracks are one-off performances that represent the sole examples of the artist interpreting particular songs. These recordings can offer tremendous insight into artistic development and creative process. Such rarities are American treasures: tangible nuggets that help to smooth out and magnify the infinitely complex talents of our most iconic performers.

The selections presented on this CD represent a handful of the very best Sinatra radio performances, curated from a vast pool of original master transcription discs and tapes that have been located, preserved and meticulously archived – thanks to the foresight of several noted collectors, historians and institutions, and the Sinatra Family themselves. The fragility of the original glass and aluminum-based lacquer discs that hold these precious recordings (some more than seventy-five years old) is such that many are in peril of imminent disintegration. Once irreparable deterioration sets in, the music will be lost forever. It's fitting, then, that the Smithsonian Institution – America's national repository for the nation's most important artifacts – has selected the Frank Sinatra recordings on this collection for their Lost and Found Sound series, and given them a proper 'debut.'"