Wild Things: Tarantulas, Jellyfish and More…

Hummingbirds, attacking bears, ancient hominids and other news updates in wildlife research

Female Chilean rose tarantula (Grammostola rosea), also known as the Chilean flame tarantula. (John C. Abbott)

Sweet Fix

(Sandra Calderbank / Scalderphotography.com)
Hummingbirds captured on high-speed video surprised University of Connecticut scientists with the way they drink; a bird dips its tongue in nectar, widens the forked tip and unfurls a fringe of hairlike structures. When the tongue leaves the nectar, the tip contracts and the fringe rolls back, trapping nectar. The study refutes the long-held assumption that hummingbirds rely on capillary action to draw nectar up through grooves in their tongues.

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