The Prehistoric Giants Hall of Fame

What were the largest species of all time? Does the Tyrannosaurus rex make the list?

(Raul Martin)

Largest predatory dinosaur

Predatory Dinosaur
(Jon Hughes / Dorling Kindersley)
Tyrannosaurus rex may be the king of the predatory dinosaurs in pop culture, but the 42-foot-long carnivore may not have been the largest. The sail-backed Spinosaurus from the Cretaceous Period might have been the longest of the predatory dinosaurs. Although no complete skeleton has been found, estimates place this bruiser at between 41 and 59 feet long.

And among the theropods, Giganotosaurus from South America and Carcharodontosaurus from the Sahara have given Tyrannosaurus some close competition. Both of these knife-toothed dinosaurs were about 40 to 43 feet long. The competition in this group is currently too close to call.

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