The Hunt for Ebola

A CDC team races to Uganda just days after an outbreak of the killer virus to try to pinpoint exactly how it is transmitted to humans

After Ebola is confirmed, doctors and scientists converge within days. (Pascale Zinten, MSF / AFP / Getty Images / Newscom)
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The woman displayed little emotion, but was clearly terrified and bewildered by the tragedy that had engulfed her. Shortly after the Ebola outbreak was confirmed, she told us, CDC and health ministry officials wearing biohazard suits had shown up in the compound, sprayed everything with disinfectant “and burned our belongings.” But she still wasn’t convinced that her family had died of the virus. Why had some perished and others been spared, she demanded to know. Why had she tested negative? “We have explained it to her thoroughly, but she doesn’t accept it,” Tusuubira said, as we walked back from the cemetery to the car. “Even now she suspects that it was witchcraft.”


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