The Evolution of the Homepage

Using the WayBack Machine, we looked back at how the homepage has changed since the early days of the Internet

(Internet Archive: Wayback Machine)

GeoCities, November 28, 1999

GeoCities homepage
(Internet Archive: Wayback Machine)
In January 1999, Yahoo! purchased GeoCities, which granted users the ability to develop free home pages within its web directory, organized thematically into neighborhoods. The sites helped build web territory, opening up the Internet to those who were not necessarily among the ranks of “geeks” in the know. The site became extremely unpopular when Yahoo! changed its terms of service in 1999. When Yahoo! announced its plan to close GeoCities service in the U.S. on April 23, 2009, Internet archivists scrambled to collect GeoCities material before it shut down for good three days later.

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