The Evolution of the Homepage

Using the WayBack Machine, we looked back at how the homepage has changed since the early days of the Internet

(Internet Archive: Wayback Machine)

The New York Times, December 30, 1996

New York Times homepage
(Internet Archive: Wayback Machine)
Though web-journalism was just emerging in 1996, the next few homepages hint at the start of the seismic shift in the newspaper industry. If you look to the top left corner, of this New York Times page, users were invited to “Join the discussion in the new Forums.” Based on the Bulletin Board System, these forums were among the first instances of “user generated content” on the web, allowing people to post messages and comment on other messages. The “Classifieds” section (also found at the top left) was one of the only methods for posting ads before resources like Craigslist became a web-based service in 1996.

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