The Evolution of the Homepage

Using the WayBack Machine, we looked back at how the homepage has changed since the early days of the Internet

(Internet Archive: Wayback Machine)

Apple, July 14, 1997

Apple homepage
(Internet Archive: Wayback Machine)
Five days before this homepage was updated, Apple’s board of directors ousted CEO Gil Amelio in a boardroom coup and Steve Jobs stepped up as the interim CEO. Over the next decade, Jobs oversaw the development of tools like iTunes, the iPod and the iPad. By the time he would resign in 2011, Apple had completely restructured its product line and services.

But before the iPads and the iPhone 4Ss, a few then-high-tech-now-obsolete programs held center stage. In ‘97, you could “Register today for a free CD-ROM”—though, you’d probably have to pay someone to take one off your hands these days.


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