From Close Up or Far Away, Amazing Volcano Photos

Geologist Bernhard Edmaier has been photographing the majestic beauty of active and dormant volcanoes for over 15 years

Bacteria produces the vivid colors in the Gran Prismatic Spring. (Bernhard Edmaier)


Mount Etna
(Maura McCarthy)

In February 1998, Edmaier took this shot of a strombolian eruption (named for the Italian volcano Stromboli), in which a volcano shoots ash and lava into the air. The southeast crater of Etna erupted every few minutes for two years from 1996 to 1998, with lava explosions reaching 100 feet high. Edmaier and his crew stood too far away to feel the heat from the eruption, but they could hear the detonations, which sounded like cannon fire.


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