Amazing Underwater Photos of Ocean Creatures

Check out these incredible images by photojournalist Brian Skerry, and help select which photographs will appear in an upcoming exhibit

(Brian Skerry )

Baby Fur Seal in Kelp Forests

(Brian Skerry )

This New Zealand fur seal pup was only a few days old when Skerry got to meet him.

“He was playing peek-a-boo with me in the fronds of kelp,” he says. “To get the shot, I moved in very slowly— I never chase an animal: It’s not productive to do that because they’ll swim away. If you are non-threatening marine mammals will most of the time come over and check you out.”

Though this marine protected area in southern New Zealand has been thriving as of late, warming climate, changing ocean chemistry and overfishing threaten kelp forests and the many species that depend on them.

Vote for this photo to appear in the Natural History Museum’s Portraits of Planet Ocean exhibit, set to open in February 2013!

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