Technology | Smithsonian feed for TechnologyenWed, 13 Feb 2019 19:06:06 +0000How NASA's Opportunity Rover Made Mars Part of Earth more than 15 years exploring the surface of Mars, the Opportunity rover has finally roved its last legWed, 13 Feb 2019 19:06:06 +0000The Patents Behind Your Box of Valentine's Day Chocolates you sample a truffle or a coconut cream, consider all of the innovation that has been poured into the sweets and their lovely presentationWed, 13 Feb 2019 17:23:09 +0000The Pharmacist Who Launched America's Modern Candy Industry Chase invented a lozenge-cutting machine that led to Necco wafers, Sweethearts and the mechanization of candy makingFri, 08 Feb 2019 15:41:24 +0000Artificial Intelligence Study of Human Genome Finds Unknown Human Ancestor genetic footprint of a "ghost population" may match that of a Neanderthal and Denisovan hybrid fossil found in SiberiaFri, 08 Feb 2019 13:30:00 +0000How Lego Patents Helped Build a Toy Empire, Brick by Brick Danish toy company invented its basic brick, then designed a toddler-friendly version, before adding mini figures to the mixThu, 07 Feb 2019 16:21:23 +0000The Patents Behind Pasta Shapes you sit down to a bowl, be it gnocchi or Kraft macaroni, consider the design work and innovation that have gone into itFri, 01 Feb 2019 17:20:53 +0000Color TV Transformed the Way Americans Saw the World, and the World Saw America historian of 20th century media argues that the technological innovation was the quintessential Cold War machineFri, 25 Jan 2019 17:36:26 +0000The Accidental Invention of Bubble Wrap inventors turned a failed experiment into an irresistibly poppable product that revolutionized the shipping industryWed, 23 Jan 2019 17:13:19 +0000How General Motors Introduced the Idea of a 'Concept Car' years ago, the Buick Y-job was billed as the car of the futureFri, 18 Jan 2019 14:00:00 +0000Scientists Used a Robot to Study How Prehistoric Lizards Walked, a robot version of an ancestor to the dinosaurs, is helping fill in some gaps in the evolution of walkingWed, 16 Jan 2019 18:00:00 +0000Seven Unforgettable Inventions Unveiled at This Year's CES a self-driving suitcase to a flying taxi, these concepts made a splash at the huge trade show in Las VegasFri, 11 Jan 2019 16:12:44 +0000Nine Innovators to Watch in 2019 big thinkers are set to make news this year with exciting developments in transportation, energy, health, food science and moreThu, 10 Jan 2019 16:28:32 +0000This Lobster Trap Aims to Protect Endangered Whales — and Fishers’ Livelihoods team of engineers is designing a low-cost, lineless, self-surfacing lobster trap that would prevent right whale entanglementThu, 10 Jan 2019 14:48:15 +0000These Technologies Could Put an End to Leaky Water Mains inventors have come up with radically different approaches to try to solve the widespread problem of aging water infrastructureMon, 07 Jan 2019 16:24:15 +0000How Taiwan Has Achieved One of the Highest Recycling Rates in the World nicknamed "Garbage Island," the region now has a success story to shareThu, 03 Jan 2019 13:00:00 +0000The 'Pole of Inaccessibility' Has Eluded Adventurers for More Than a Century winter, explorers will once again set out for the most remote part of the Arctic OceanThu, 03 Jan 2019 13:00:00 +0000Here's What the Future of Haptic Technology Looks (Or Rather, Feels) Like the sense of touch to virtual reality experiences could impact everything from physical rehabilitation to online shoppingFri, 28 Dec 2018 13:00:00 +0000From 3-D Printed Gills to AI Dolphin Dictionaries, These Innovations Could Make Us More Like Aquaman you look beyond the movie, you can see how the underwater superhero's signature powers translate in real techFri, 21 Dec 2018 21:31:51 +0000Will Digital License Plates Drive Us Forward or Leave Us Fuming? Reviver Auto has rolled out an electronic license plate that could benefit drivers, as well as cities and statesFri, 21 Dec 2018 15:10:33 +0000