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And More Questions From Our Readers've got questions, we've got expertsThu, 19 Sep 2019 13:00:00 +0000Here's the Guitar That Prince Revolutionized Music With in 'Purple Rain' artist gave the "cloud" guitar to the Smithsonian in 1993, but only now do we know it's the same instrument used in the iconic movieWed, 18 Sep 2019 14:00:00 +0000Inside a New Effort to Change What Schools Teach About Native American History new curriculum from the American Indian Museum brings greater depth and understanding to the long-misinterpreted history of indigenous cultureWed, 18 Sep 2019 13:43:31 +0000Why Cokie Roberts Admired Dolley Madison legendary newswoman, who died at 75, appeared on a Smithsonian podcast earlier this summer to speak about a favorite topic, the first ladiesTue, 17 Sep 2019 21:41:29 +0000Here’s What’s Brewing in the New Smithsonian Beer Collections two years of documenting the nation’s craft brewing industry, curator Theresa McCulla makes ready for a public debutMon, 16 Sep 2019 18:23:02 +0000The Long, Strange Tale of the Hand Beast Footprints Triassic creature left curious tracks in the sandstone; it took decades to unravel the mystery Wed, 11 Sep 2019 14:39:17 +0000Smithsonian Researchers Triple the Number of Electric Eel Species, Including One With Record-Setting Shock Ability’s literally shocking newsTue, 10 Sep 2019 15:02:00 +0000How Scientists Are Learning to Tell a Bird's Age by Its Song a journey into this ornithologist's world tracking a pair of antshrikes in Panama’s Soberania National ParkTue, 10 Sep 2019 14:15:51 +0000Riveting Footage Captures the Destruction of Last Year’s Volcanic Eruptions in Hawai‘i and Guatemala new documentary from Smithsonian Channel shows the explosive activity at the Kilauea and Fuego volcanoesFri, 06 Sep 2019 17:55:18 +0000The Hard-Drinking Early Smithsonian Naturalists of the Megatherium Club Stimpson created a fraternity of young scientists and named it for an extinct North American slothWed, 04 Sep 2019 13:00:00 +0000How to Discover Dinosaurs paleontologist Hans Sues reveals some of his tips for finding and excavating a Mesozoic monsterTue, 03 Sep 2019 13:00:00 +0000This Smithsonian Scientist Is on a Mission to Make Leeches Less Scary Anna Phillips is on a quest to make leeches less repulsive to the publicMon, 26 Aug 2019 14:22:19 +0000How Biology Inspires Future Technology at Harvard’s Wyss Institute showcase their ingenious medical, industrial and environmental designs at the Cooper HewittMon, 26 Aug 2019 13:00:00 +0000Breakfast at the Zoo and 25 Other Things to Do at the Smithsonian in September at the Zoo and 25 Other Things to Do at the Smithsonian in SeptemberFri, 23 Aug 2019 17:04:45 +0000A Brief History of the Waffle Iron Swartwout’s invention, patented 150 years ago, helped feed America’s passion for wafflesFri, 23 Aug 2019 15:46:05 +0000Sculptor Edmonia Lewis Shattered Gender and Race Expectations in 19th-Century America the orphaned child of a black father and a Native-American mother, Lewis rewrote the 19th-century definition of sculptorThu, 22 Aug 2019 13:00:00 +0000A Chunk of Trinitite Reminds Us of the Sheer, Devastating Power of the Atomic Bomb the Smithsonian's collections exists a telltale trace of the weapon that would change the world foreverThu, 22 Aug 2019 12:00:00 +0000Do Goats Really Love to Jump? And More Questions From Our Readers've got questions, we've got expertsThu, 22 Aug 2019 10:00:00 +0000How the Turtle Got Its Shell, With Apologies to Aesop paleontologist Hans Sues unpacks the complicated evolution of how this creature grew a home upon its backTue, 20 Aug 2019 16:27:44 +0000A New Species of Leech Is Discovered Near Washington, D.C. researcher describes a previously unknown species of olive-green bloodsucker that has three jaws with up to 59 teethThu, 15 Aug 2019 18:19:54 +0000How Marian Anderson Became an Iconic Symbol for Equality beautiful voice famously rang out from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial; a new show takes a look at the highs and lows of her global acclaimWed, 14 Aug 2019 16:13:16 +0000Remembering Julia Child curator Paula Johnson addresses many of the questions visitors ask about America’s beloved cooking teacher and her kitchenTue, 13 Aug 2019 19:21:24 +0000Joy Harjo’s New Poetry Collection Brings Native Issues to the Forefront recently announced U.S. Poet Laureate melds words and music to resist the myth of Native invisibilityTue, 13 Aug 2019 14:57:26 +0000The Actress Who Left the Stage to Become a Civil War Spy Cushman, now featured in a Smithsonian photography exhibition, unexpectedly found herself spying for the Union after accepting a dareMon, 12 Aug 2019 13:30:28 +0000The Fierce Pride and Passion of Rhinestone Fashion this episode of ‘Re:Frame,’ Smithsonian curators investigate the intentionality and agency behind the clothing we wearFri, 09 Aug 2019 16:00:00 +0000The Crazy Superstitions and Real-Life Science of the Northern Lights the latest episode of ‘Re:Frame,’ Smithsonian curators take a deep dive into the dramatic painting ‘Aurora Borealis’ by Frederic Church Fri, 09 Aug 2019 13:00:00 +0000All the World’s a Fantastical Stage for the Artist Mingering Mike‘Re:Frame’ delves into a work of one of Washington D.C.’s most imaginative artists and his fascination with the historic Howard TheatreThu, 08 Aug 2019 13:00:00 +0000For 100 Years, KitchenAid Has Been the Stand-Up Brand of Stand Mixers celebrity chef Julia Child said that the sleek appliance made mixing 'marvelous'Wed, 07 Aug 2019 17:34:06 +0000A Beyoncé Portrait Is Coming to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery image appeared in <i>Vogue</i>’s 2018 September issue and was shot by the photographer Tyler MitchellWed, 07 Aug 2019 17:17:07 +0000How Artist Teresita Fernández Turns Graphite, the Stuff of Stardust, Into Memories new episode of the Smithsonian’s ‘Re:Frame,’ explores the origin of graphite, a material artists have used for centuriesWed, 07 Aug 2019 13:00:00 +0000Toni Morrison, ‘Beloved’ Author Who Cataloged the African-American Experience, Dies at 88'She changed the whole cartography of black writing,' says Kinshasha Holman Conwill of the National Museum of African American History and CultureTue, 06 Aug 2019 19:28:20 +0000Smithsonian Scientists Are Using Ginkgo Leaves to Study Climate Change—They Need Your Help scientists can submit leaf samples from their hometowns through the end of AugustTue, 06 Aug 2019 14:38:46 +0000How American Brewers Employed Fine Art to Sell Beer Smithsonian’s ‘Re:Frame’ investigates how artist Doris Lee gave beer a new post-prohibition image of domesticity and conviviality Tue, 06 Aug 2019 13:00:00 +0000'Re:Frame' the Picture new video web series, 'RE:Frame' explores American art’s many meanings and connections with experts across the SmithsonianMon, 05 Aug 2019 20:30:52 +0000What Do Bovids, Bridges and the West Have to Do With American Art? the debut episode of “Re:Frame,” Smithsonian curators explore the iconic symbol of the West, the American BisonMon, 05 Aug 2019 19:10:46 +0000Reframing American Art new web series, 'Re:Frame,' explores American art by making unexpected connections across the SmithsonianMon, 05 Aug 2019 19:04:35 +0000Bats Use Leaves as Mirrors to Locate and Catch Their Prey latest discovery in the arms race between bats and insects reveals that even silent, motionless dragonflies aren't safe Thu, 01 Aug 2019 15:00:00 +0000A Garden Party and 21 Other Things to Do in August at the Smithsonian, culture and cuisine, calligraphy lessons and moreThu, 01 Aug 2019 14:45:54 +0000Megalodon May Be Extinct, but There’s a Life-Size One at the Smithsonian 52-foot, life-size model of a <i>Carcharocles megalodon</i> shark is now on display in the National Museum of Natural HistoryMon, 29 Jul 2019 21:36:51 +0000Why the Radar-Jamming Prowler Was an Attack Aircraft's Best Friend in the Skieshttps://www.smithsonianmag.com iconic Northrop Grumman EA-6B flies into history—and the National Air and Space Museum collectionMon, 29 Jul 2019 16:27:54 +0000Why Spoken Word Artist Regie Cabico Calls Himself an 'Accidental Poet' renowned slam poetry artist is performing at Smithsonian’s Asian American Literature Festival in August and is featured in the latest Sidedoor podcastMon, 29 Jul 2019 15:43:18 +0000Smithsonian Secretary Lonnie Bunch Weighs In on Legendary Photo Archive of African-American Life historic moment, foundations and museums came together to rescue black history. "This is an optimistic tale," says BunchFri, 26 Jul 2019 17:25:57 +0000Cate Blanchett Dons 13 Guises in This Daring Art Installation Rosefeldt’s “Manifesto,” on view at the Hirshhorn, puts a satiric spin on art history’s seminal textsFri, 26 Jul 2019 11:26:41 +0000Why It Is Important to Know the Story of Filipino-American Larry Itliong Gayle Romasanta is on a crusade to recover the farm worker’s story, empowering young leaders to follow in his footstepsWed, 24 Jul 2019 14:44:34 +0000