Smart News Science | Smithsonian Magazine feed for Smart News ScienceenFri, 18 Sep 2020 16:26:40 +0000Sweeping DNA Survey Highlights Vikings' Surprising Genetic Diversity new study suggests Viking identity didn't always equate to Scandinavian ancestryFri, 18 Sep 2020 16:26:40 +0000A New Solar Cycle Promises Calm Space Weather say the sun’s next decade will likely feature a low number of events like solar flares that can disrupt power grids and satellitesFri, 18 Sep 2020 14:36:48 +0000You Can Buy This T. Rex Skeleton—for a Hefty Price enthusiasts with an extra $8 million lying around can bid on Stan, a 67-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex Thu, 17 Sep 2020 17:24:01 +0000Ice Age Cave Bear Found Preserved in Permafrost on Siberian Island to preliminary analysis, the bear is between 22,000 and 39,500 years oldThu, 17 Sep 2020 16:41:25 +0000Thousands of Migrating Birds Drop Dead Across Southwestern U.S. aren’t sure what’s causing the mass die-off impacting birds flying south for the winterThu, 17 Sep 2020 16:19:24 +0000New Report Details Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic on Global Health annual Gates Foundation report assesses global progress toward the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals Wed, 16 Sep 2020 20:22:07 +0000West Coast Wildfire Smoke Reported as Far East as the Netherlands skies covered the United States and parts of Europe this week as jet streams pushed fumes eastwardWed, 16 Sep 2020 19:36:24 +0000Humans Wiped Out Two-Thirds of the World’s Wildlife in 50 Years to global biodiversity are also threats to humans, experts warnWed, 16 Sep 2020 19:01:25 +0000Trees Are Growing Fast and Dying Young Due to Climate Change growth reduces the capacity of forests to absorb and store carbon dioxideWed, 16 Sep 2020 11:00:00 +0000These Woodpeckers’ Bloody Wars Draw Crowds woodpeckers will fight to the death to control the finest habitat and new research finds up to 30 non-combatants will pull up a branch to watchTue, 15 Sep 2020 17:38:22 +0000These Sea Anemones Grow Limbs When They Eat starlet sea anemone is the first known species to translate food into limbsTue, 15 Sep 2020 17:26:36 +0000New Section of Petrified Forest Uncovered on Wales Beach After Storm petrified forest in Borth appears in a myth written in the oldest surviving Welsh manuscript Tue, 15 Sep 2020 16:50:04 +0000In Clouds on Venus, New Potential for Microbial Life have detected a chemical in Venus’ atmosphere that signifies life on Earth. Could it mean the same on Venus?Mon, 14 Sep 2020 18:14:16 +0000Study Finds Ten Species of Fish That May Have a Secret Talent for Walking on Land strange fish may help researchers envision the gaits of Earth’s first terrestrial vertebratesMon, 14 Sep 2020 16:50:21 +0000Mapping Technology Reveals Channels of Warm Water Under Florida-Sized Glacier new research will inform computer models of how quickly the glacier is meltingMon, 14 Sep 2020 16:43:57 +0000Space Mice Return to Earth, Mighty as Ever space voyage provides new insights for treating muscle and bone lossFri, 11 Sep 2020 19:46:30 +0000See Where Brilliant Fall Foliage Will Peak Across the Country in This Map interactive map predicts when the orange, red and yellow hues of autumn will brighten up the countrysideFri, 11 Sep 2020 19:04:38 +0000Hummingbirds in the Andes Go to Chilly Extremes for a Good Night’s Sleep longer a bird spent in a state of torpor, the less body mass it lost overnight Fri, 11 Sep 2020 16:49:28 +0000A Rare Planet Might Be Hiding in This Oddly Shaped, Triple-Star System new studies explain why GW Orionis, a rare triple-star system 1,300 light years away, looks so misshapenFri, 11 Sep 2020 11:00:00 +0000Photographs Capture Eerie Skies That Cloaked the Bay Area in an Orange Glow from more than 20 major fires burning in the surrounding region shrouded the city through the morning hoursThu, 10 Sep 2020 20:37:26 +0000Scientists Tested Out the World's Largest Digital Camera on a Piece of Broccoli, it’ll photograph the cosmos. But first, scientists used it to snap a highly-detailed picture of an ordinary vegetableThu, 10 Sep 2020 17:37:46 +0000'Zombie Fires' May Have Sparked Record High Carbon Emissions in the Arctic temperatures due to climate change and wildfires may be propelling the region into a fiery new normalWed, 09 Sep 2020 20:56:39 +0000Parasitic Plant Waits for Host’s Signal Before Flowering grow into tangled masses of leafless tendrils also called wizard’s net and strangleweedWed, 09 Sep 2020 19:04:41 +0000How Redlining Made City Neighborhoods Hotter growing body of research highlights the connection between systemic discrimination and the local climateWed, 09 Sep 2020 17:31:04 +0000On Hot Days, Asphalt Can Release as Much Air Pollution as Cars heat waves, pavement can reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which unleashes harmful particles into the airWed, 09 Sep 2020 16:39:37 +0000Why Is the Moon Covered in Rust? Even Scientists Are Stumped by This Metal Mystery oxygen and water, how is the substance Wed, 09 Sep 2020 11:00:00 +0000Take Free, Online College Classes Featuring Anthony Fauci and Other Covid-19 Experts’s class includes live-streamed lectures on Tuesday mornings and Purdue's self-paced course offers a certificate in contact tracingTue, 08 Sep 2020 20:50:44 +0000With a Simple Piece of Paper, Engineers Create Self-Powered, Wireless Keyboard at Purdue University have found a way to make a piece of paper digitally interactiveFri, 04 Sep 2020 19:58:42 +0000Face Shields and Valved Masks Don't Fully Stop the Spread of Aerosols new visualization shows how droplets from a cough or sneeze escape around the sides of a plastic face shield Fri, 04 Sep 2020 17:12:06 +0000Microfibers From Blue Jeans Are Polluting Arctic Oceans found that bits of denim are much more prevalent in our oceans than previously thoughtFri, 04 Sep 2020 16:22:17 +0000How to Weigh a Dinosaur new study reveals the proper technique to weigh these extinct creaturesThu, 03 Sep 2020 18:50:17 +0000World’s Deepest Freshwater Cave Is Twice as Deep as Previously Thought research shows the Hranice Abyss in the Czech Republic is 3,280 feet deep Wed, 02 Sep 2020 21:04:36 +0000Andromeda's Halo of Gases Is Bumping Up Against Our Own, Scientists Say using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope mapped the gaseous halo that surrounds the Andromeda GalaxyWed, 02 Sep 2020 19:44:25 +0000Thought to Be Extinct, New Guinea’s Singing Dogs Found Alive in the Wild new genetic study confirms that the unique dogs, thought to be extinct in the wild, still exist outside of human care Wed, 02 Sep 2020 19:11:31 +0000Sleep Experts Make the Case Against Daylight Saving Time American Academy of Sleep Medicine called for the abolishment of seasonal time changes last weekWed, 02 Sep 2020 16:14:57 +0000A Mini Version of Britain's Royal Hedge Maze Is No Match for Amoebas study demonstrates how cells navigate the human body to provide immunity or carry messagesTue, 01 Sep 2020 18:21:10 +0000Hibernation May Be a 250-Million-Year-Old Survival Trick studying this strange creature’s tusks say they’ve found evidence the animal slowed its metabolism during hard timesTue, 01 Sep 2020 15:20:33 +0000A Cable Snapped, and the Arecibo Observatory Went Dark. Here’s Why That Matters accident in the middle of the night damaged one of the world’s most important observatories—and scientists still don’t know what caused itMon, 31 Aug 2020 19:41:30 +0000Why This 'Unicorn Baby Dinosaur' Is the 'Cutest,' 'Weirdest' Ever tiny sauropod had a horn on its snout and forward-facing eyes, unlike its adult counterparts Mon, 31 Aug 2020 16:48:05 +0000University of Arizona Stops a Covid-19 Outbreak by Following the Feces wastewater monitoring detected the virus in a dorm’s sewage, the school discovered and quarantined two asymptomatic infections Mon, 31 Aug 2020 13:00:00 +0000Scientists Project Precisely How Cold the Last Ice Age Was used models and data from fossilized plankton to determine the global average temperature at the timeFri, 28 Aug 2020 20:06:42 +0000How to Spot Elusive 'Jellyfish Sprites' Dancing in the Sky During a Thunderstorm large red flashes of light only last for millisecondsFri, 28 Aug 2020 19:38:33 +0000Russia Declassifies Video From 1961 of Largest Hydrogen Bomb Ever Detonated blast was over 3,000 times bigger than the bomb that destroyed HiroshimaFri, 28 Aug 2020 10:00:00 +0000Painting Wind Turbine Blades Black Help Birds Avoid Deadly Collisions recent study found the simple intervention reduced bird mortality by 72 percentThu, 27 Aug 2020 16:26:48 +0000Wild Polio Eradicated in 47 African Countries announced Tuesday that the disease, which can cause paralysis and death in young children, has been virtually eliminated from the continentThu, 27 Aug 2020 15:49:57 +0000Hubble Snapshots Reveal That Comet Neowise Survived Its Trip Around the Sun close-up taken in August shows the 11,000-mile-wide cloud of dust and gas that shrouds the cometWed, 26 Aug 2020 17:03:21 +0000First Wolverine Family Makes a Home in Mount Rainier National Park in 100 Years trio of wolverines—a mom and two kits—were spotted on camera traps in the parkWed, 26 Aug 2020 16:51:25 +0000College Students Unearth Massive Triceratops Skull an annual summer fossil collecting trip, the undergraduates struck it big in South DakotaWed, 26 Aug 2020 16:36:22 +0000Fallen Boulder at the Grand Canyon Reveals Prehistoric Reptile Footprints million years ago, two reptilian creatures crept over this boulder's surfaceTue, 25 Aug 2020 19:10:09 +0000Wildfire Burns California’s Oldest State Park—but Most Redwoods Should Recover Soon, the park lost its historic core infrastructure, including headquarters, amphitheater and campgroundsTue, 25 Aug 2020 19:04:43 +0000Researchers Use Algae to Make Biodegradable Flip-Flops shoes break down in about 18 weeks under the right conditionsTue, 25 Aug 2020 18:04:25 +0000This 15-Foot Ichthyosaur Died With a 13-Foot Meal in Its Stomach shocking size of the marine predator’s quarry may force paleontologists to rethink the marine reptile’s role in the Triassic ecosystemMon, 24 Aug 2020 17:38:47 +0000Scientists 'Digitally Unwrap' Ancient Egyptian Animal Mummies scanning technology provides a detailed look at a kitten, cobra and birdFri, 21 Aug 2020 19:31:19 +0000In California, More Acres Have Burned in the 2020 Fire Season Than in All of 2019 500,000 acres have burned in California, sparked by dry lightning storms and an extreme heat waveFri, 21 Aug 2020 18:39:04 +0000Desert Moss Beats Heat by Growing Under Quartz Crystals find the translucent rocks keep the moss moist while letting just enough light pass through its milky interiorFri, 21 Aug 2020 16:32:44 +0000Covid-19 Reaches Mink Farms in Utah have confirmed five cases in U.S. minks, but suspect the actual number is higherThu, 20 Aug 2020 19:31:54 +0000Painting Eyes on Cow Butts Could Save Cattle and Lion Lives four-year study in Botswana found cattle with eye marks painted on their behinds were less likely to be killed by predators Thu, 20 Aug 2020 18:51:27 +0000Scientists Shot Lasers at a Lunar Orbiter for a Decade. Then, One Bounced Back success might help scientists troubleshoot problems with a data-collection project that dates back to the Apollo era Wed, 19 Aug 2020 19:13:22 +0000Death Valley Hits a Blistering 130 Degrees, Potentially Setting New Record confirmed, this scorcher would be the hottest temperature recorded on Earth since at least 1931Wed, 19 Aug 2020 19:03:43 +0000Grey Reef Sharks Hunt With the Same Group for Years—but Don't Call Them Friends're more like reef proximity associatesWed, 19 Aug 2020 18:57:25 +0000Coalition Calls for Naming Heat Waves Like Hurricanes group’s climate and health experts say naming and categorizing extreme heat events could save livesTue, 18 Aug 2020 19:40:54 +0000Invasive Spotted Lanternflies Reach Eight New Jersey Counties insect is an 'excellent hitchhiker,' says the New Jersey Department of AgricultureTue, 18 Aug 2020 16:21:14 +0000In a New Record, 11 Named Storms Have Already Formed in the Atlantic now estimate that 2020’s Atlantic hurricane season could see up to 25 named stormsMon, 17 Aug 2020 19:32:08 +0000Microscopically, Crocodile Tears Look Sort of Like Our Own are the only species known to cry in response to emotional turmoil, but a new study finds reptile and avian tears aren't so differentMon, 17 Aug 2020 18:29:55 +0000This Frog Mates With Two Females in an Unusual Love Triangle like these are rare among amphibians, scientists say Fri, 14 Aug 2020 18:48:35 +0000Structural Complexity Gives This Fruit Its Metallic Blue Color super blue viburnum fruit gets its hue not just from blue pigment, but from the structure of its fat Fri, 14 Aug 2020 18:16:40 +000030-Foot 'Terror Crocodile' Ambushed Dinosaurs at Water’s Edge says the five-ton extinct reptiles had teeth the size of bananasFri, 14 Aug 2020 17:15:02 +0000How Will Amazon’s Planned Satellite Megaconstellation Impact the Night Sky? company plans to launch 3,236 satellites, but astronomers are worried about possible ramificationsFri, 14 Aug 2020 16:48:38 +0000Record-Breaking 60,000 Flamingos Flock to Southern France than 50,000 adults and 12,000 babies were counted in aerial photos, suggesting a record-breaking year for the pink birdsThu, 13 Aug 2020 19:37:17 +0000NASA Mission Shows Dwarf Planet Ceres Is Geologically Active studies of data from the Dawn spacecraft’s final orbit makes the case for liquid under the dwarf planet's surfaceThu, 13 Aug 2020 19:09:57 +0000The Secret Behind New Insect Repellent's Potent Punch Is Found in Grapefruit EPA just approved nootkatone, a chemical found in grapefruit and cedars that kills and repels ticks, mosquitoes and other insectsThu, 13 Aug 2020 17:13:55 +0000The Physics of Why Hot Water Sometimes Freezes Faster Than Cold Water decades, physicists have debated whether the phenomenon exists and how to study it Wed, 12 Aug 2020 18:22:11 +0000Drop in Emissions During COVID Will Have 'No Effect' on Climate investment in renewable energy is mandatory to significantly cool the planet, scientists say Wed, 12 Aug 2020 18:02:50 +0000Deep-Sea Microbes Exert the Least Amount of Energy Possible to Survive a whole new meaning to doing the “bare minimum” Wed, 12 Aug 2020 11:00:00 +0000The Scientific Reason Why Razors Don't Stay Sharp for Long soft hair hits the blade’s weak points, it causes the metal to chip apartTue, 11 Aug 2020 18:33:35 +0000Study Reveals This Mysterious, Super Long-Necked Triassic Reptile Was a Marine Hunter creature’s neck was stiff like a giraffe’s and was nearly three times the length of its torsoTue, 11 Aug 2020 16:58:47 +0000How an Algorithm Draws Unexpected Connections Between Works of Art a starting image, the artificial intelligence can identify objects that match its colors, textures and themes Tue, 11 Aug 2020 11:00:00 +0000Perseid Meteor Shower Reaches Peak Starting Tonight early mornings of August 11, 12 and 13 are the best times to view the annual summer 'shooting star' displayMon, 10 Aug 2020 20:42:32 +0000Sole-Searching, Shoe-Swiping Fox Caught in Germany crafty urban dweller built a colorful collection of footwear dominated by CrocsMon, 10 Aug 2020 20:02:07 +0000The Forecast on Jupiter Is Cloudy With a Chance of 'Mushballs' research describes the gas giant's wild weatherMon, 10 Aug 2020 16:32:52 +0000Amber Fossil Shows 'Hell Ant' Was Unlike Anything Alive Today 99-million-year-old ant had scythe-like jaws that swung upward to pin prey against a horn-like head appendageMon, 10 Aug 2020 11:30:00 +0000Scientists Use Moon as Mirror in Hunt for Extraterrestrial Life Hubble Telescope captured reflections of ultraviolet light to test for ozone layersMon, 10 Aug 2020 11:00:00 +0000These Life-Size, Animatronic Dinosaurs Are Heading to New Homes, an auction house in Canada offloaded more than 50 robotic reptiles in a unique online saleFri, 07 Aug 2020 15:22:55 +0000In Cities and Farms, Disease-Carrying Animals Thrive humans dominate wild land, disease-carrying animals take over and biodiversity suffersFri, 07 Aug 2020 11:00:00 +0000Satellites Spy Poop-Stained Ice, Revealing New Emperor Penguin Colonies found eight new colonies, but all were small and located in parts of Antarctica predicted to be ravaged by climate changeFri, 07 Aug 2020 10:00:00 +0000This Australian App Is Like 'Shazam' for Spiders and Snakes AI tool will help users identify venomous species Thu, 06 Aug 2020 18:39:59 +0000This Might Be the Best Stargazing Spot on Earth, According to Scientists frigid hill near Antarctica’s South Pole has all the qualifications to be a superior telescope site, researchers say Thu, 06 Aug 2020 18:36:59 +0000Wild Bees Are Worth $1.5 Billion for Six U.S. Crops also finds that crop yields are often limited by a lack of pollinatorsWed, 05 Aug 2020 18:12:59 +0000When This Beetle Gets Eaten by a Frog, It Heads for the 'Back Door' research details how this Japanese water beetle travels through the bowels of its predator to emerge out the other end, alive and unharmed Wed, 05 Aug 2020 16:36:56 +0000Americans Plant Mysterious Seeds Despite Government Warnings USDA urges people not to plant unsolicited seeds they receive. Evidence suggests the packages are part of a scam designed to boost online salesTue, 04 Aug 2020 18:34:26 +0000Scientists Capture First Murder Hornet in Washington State’s a step in the direction of eliminating the invasive species, experts say Tue, 04 Aug 2020 15:23:53 +0000This Giant Prehistoric Owl Was an Actual Cannibal found in the Ecuadorian Andes suggest the creature was a formidable predatorTue, 04 Aug 2020 15:08:13 +0000How Ancient Monsoons and Tectonic Shifts Shaped This Flowering Mountain Hotspot stunning biodiversity of alpine plants in China’s Hengduan Mountains can be traced back 30 million years, according to a new study Mon, 03 Aug 2020 16:22:38 +0000Lead From Notre-Dame Fire Discovered in Parisian Beehives findings indicate that honey can provide important evidence of environmental pollution, scientists say Mon, 03 Aug 2020 15:39:49 +0000This A.I. Can Recognize Individual Birds of the Same Species can’t reliably tell birds of the same species apart, limiting our ability to study their behavior, but the new A.I. is 90 percent accurateMon, 03 Aug 2020 14:48:31 +0000This Medieval Potion Kills Stubborn Bacteria"Bald’s eyesalve" is effective against numerous strains of bacteria—and could help treat diabetic foot and leg ulcersMon, 03 Aug 2020 14:44:52 +0000Anglerfish Drop Their Immune Defenses to Find Love anglerfish are major clingers. To avoid mistaking mates as foreign tissue, the deep sea couples lost part of their immune system in evolutionFri, 31 Jul 2020 19:26:43 +0000Civil War-Era Vaccination Kits Yield New Clues About History of Smallpox Vaccine were able to sequence the genomes of five smallpox vaccines used by doctors in the 1860s Fri, 31 Jul 2020 19:01:18 +0000Study Suggests Bones Preserved in Peat Bogs May Be at Risk the paper, archaeologists need to act quickly to recover organic material trapped in the wetlands before specimens degradeFri, 31 Jul 2020 18:31:53 +0000This Marsupial Sabertooth Was No Killer Cat fangs caused many to assume Thylacosmilus was a slashing predator, but new research suggests it was a scavenger with a preference for leftoversFri, 31 Jul 2020 17:31:21 +0000Archaeologists Pinpoint Origins of Stonehenge's Mysterious Megaliths new study used chemical analysis to determine that the 20-ton boulders came from the West Woods, some 15 miles awayFri, 31 Jul 2020 16:43:04 +0000Trees Live for Thousands of Years, but Can They Cheat Death? Not Quite new paper suggests that though humans may not notice, even the longest-lived trees are dying a little each dayThu, 30 Jul 2020 19:45:59 +0000Here Are Three Things the Perseverence Rover Will Do When It Gets to Mars's newest space robot will build on the goals of previous missions to find out whether life ever existed on the Red PlanetThu, 30 Jul 2020 17:32:41 +0000See Two Giant Exoplanets Orbit a Distant Star in This Rare Image used the Very Large Telescope in Chile to capture the image Thu, 30 Jul 2020 16:13:16 +0000Why 'Pandemic Shaming' Is Bad for Public Health may go further than annoyance when encouraging people to change their risky behavior Wed, 29 Jul 2020 19:59:32 +0000How the Australian Finger Lime Could Save American Citrus found the gene that makes finger limes impervious to a disease turning oranges green and bitterWed, 29 Jul 2020 19:31:28 +0000Woolly Mammoth Skeleton With Intact Ligaments Found in Siberian Lake of the extinct animal's foot was recovered from the water with well-preserved, millennia-old soft tissueWed, 29 Jul 2020 11:30:00 +0000Neanderthals May Have Been More Sensitive to Pain Than Most Humans humans with this Neanderthal-inherited gene report 7 percent more pain than other peopleWed, 29 Jul 2020 11:00:00 +0000New Research Reveals the Transatlantic Slave Trade's Genetic Legacy investigated whether genetic data collected from 50,000 volunteers lined up with historical shipping manifestsTue, 28 Jul 2020 18:39:57 +0000Reef Sharks Are in Serious Danger of Extinction found that the sharks are 'functionally extinct' in 20 percent of coral reefs surveyed Tue, 28 Jul 2020 15:34:45 +0000Astronomy Offers Fresh Look at Vermeer's 'View of Delft' of sunlight and shadows suggests the Dutch masterpiece portrays the city around 8 a.m. in early September 1659 or 1658Tue, 28 Jul 2020 11:00:00 +0000Scientists Crack the Mathematical Mystery of Stingless Bees' Spiral Honeycombs waxy architectural wonders seem to grow like crystalsTue, 28 Jul 2020 11:00:00 +0000New Evidence Suggests Ancient Crocodiles Swam From Africa to America prehistoric reptiles would have gotten some help from ocean currents Mon, 27 Jul 2020 16:02:24 +0000How Do Dogs Find Their Way Home? They Might Sense Earth's Magnetic Field canine companions aren't the only animals that may be capable of magnetoreceptionMon, 27 Jul 2020 14:57:59 +0000The Legend, the History and the Science Behind Seattle's New Hockey Team Name fans, meet the Seattle Kraken—named for a mythical beast that may have been inspired by the very real giant squidFri, 24 Jul 2020 18:16:32 +0000Sierra Club Grapples With Founder John Muir’s Racism organization calls out Muir’s racist statements and pledges to diversify leadership and deepen environmental justice initiativesFri, 24 Jul 2020 17:26:56 +0000Can You Help Identify This Museum's Mystery Artifacts? Manchester-based science institution has a backlog of unusual objects in need of classificationFri, 24 Jul 2020 11:30:00 +0000Rich Americans’ Homes Have 25% Larger Carbon Footprints Than Low-Income Households researchers calculated the carbon emissions of 93 million U.S. homes during the year 2015 and analyzed the results by income and locationFri, 24 Jul 2020 10:00:00 +0000Will Mass Transit Recover From the Pandemic? losses from low ridership and unexpectedly low sales tax revenue threaten the future of public transportationThu, 23 Jul 2020 17:56:41 +0000Protections for Grizzlies in the Greater Yellowstone Area Upheld in Court over a decade, the protected status of grizzly bears under the Endangered Species Act has been under fireThu, 23 Jul 2020 11:00:00 +0000Centuries-Old Paintings Help Researchers Track Food Evolution inadvertently documents the domestication of carrots, wheat, watermelon and other culinary delightsThu, 23 Jul 2020 11:00:00 +0000Researchers Discover What May Be 37 Active Volcanoes on Venus had long assumed Venus' volcanoes were dormant, but a new study suggests the inhospitable planet has 37 active volcanoesThu, 23 Jul 2020 10:00:00 +0000See Our Sun’s Surface in Unprecedented Detail and the European Space Agency released the closest images ever taken of our sunWed, 22 Jul 2020 17:15:20 +0000Scientists Accidentally Bred a School of 'Sturddlefish' mixed paddlefish sperm with sturgeon eggs because the fish seemed too dissimilar to form a hybrid Wed, 22 Jul 2020 16:26:14 +0000