Smart News Ideas & Innovations | Smithsonian feed for Smart News Ideas & InnovationsenThu, 08 Nov 2018 18:05:11 +0000British Doctors May Soon Prescribe Art, Music, Dance, Singing Lessons is expected to launch across the entire U.K. by 2023Thu, 08 Nov 2018 18:05:11 +0000This Remote Control Vest Trains Rescue Dogs Using Flashlights aiming little spots of light, handlers can direct their fearless doggos through disaster areasTue, 06 Nov 2018 19:38:36 +0000Canadian Doctors Will Soon Be Able to Prescribe Museum Visits as Treatment An afternoon of art may offer serotonin mood boost, welcome distraction from chronic painMon, 22 Oct 2018 15:21:40 +0000Chinese City Wants to Launch Fake Moon to Illuminate Its Streets satellite would cover 6- to 50-mile wide stretch of Chengdu with light eight times brighter than that of the real moonThu, 18 Oct 2018 15:35:32 +0000How Fish Farms Can Use Facial Recognition to Survey Sick Salmon Norwegian aquaculture company plans to combat sea lice and other problems by monitoring individual salmon in a high-tech fish farmsTue, 09 Oct 2018 18:42:16 +0000Sans Forgetica is the Typeface You Won't Forget “memory-boosting” font is stylized with a left-leaning slant and gaps in each letter meant to encourage your eyes to linger longerMon, 08 Oct 2018 15:36:54 +0000Gene Drive Technology Eliminates Malaria-Transmitting Mosquito Population introduced a sterilization mutation that wiped out lab populations in seven to 11 generationsTue, 25 Sep 2018 15:51:31 +0000Scientists Create Immature Human Eggs Out of Blood Cells For the First Time lab-grown eggs were not advanced enough for fertilization, but researchers say this next step in the future of reproduction could arrive soonMon, 24 Sep 2018 17:38:26 +0000