Ashik-an epic story-teller performing saz, ashiks' traditional inst...
Old woman who performed a pilgrimage to Mecca making well wishes
Central Asian Gypsy siblings in their neighborhood
Mother with her her baby standing in the room with floral paintings.
Woman with henna painted hands standing behind the painted wall.
Central Asian Gypsy woman sitting on a traditional chest box next t...
Old Central Asian Gypsy woman in the street
Young Central Asian Gypsy girl during wedding
Donkeys with plastic containers to carry water
Man with donkey amidst the Zaravshan river valley.
Dog fight in the village house
Flowers, cat and a woman in a village courtyard
Central Asian Gypsy girl holding an item containing isiriq, wild -r...
Girls with identical dress in their neighborhood
Girls in the city street of Bishkek

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