Boys of Central Asian ethnic origin going to collect water.
Man taking a nap in the park area in Kashgar.
Central Asian Gypsy girls taking their goats to pasture.
Old Uygur man drinking tea in traditional tea-house in Kashgar.
Uygur men making bread in Kashgar.
Men playing cards in their spare time.
Central Asian Gypsy girl with her doll
Morning time in one of Beijing hutongs
Daily life of Central Asian Gypsies in the camping area
Central Asian Gypsy girl at school
Women in the village doing laundry.
Kazakh man selling horses in animal bazaar in Taraz.
Girl with Versace sign on her dress in front of her house.
Woman in the old narrow streets of Kashgar returning from bazaar.
Central Asian Gypsy groom with sunglasses before a wedding starts
Man selling different types of hats in Kashgar bazaar.
Central Asian Gypsy woman cooking.

Zilola Saidova's Photos on the Map

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