Sightseeing in Times Square, New York
Sunrise from our hotel room overlooking Reagan Airport in Washingto...
Family trip to Dutch Wonderland to see dive show
Reflection of my son taking a photograph of an item in a storefront...
View of Jefferson Memorial from atop Washington Monument while on t...
My son's face framed by an old emergency call box
Sculpture of children playing on swing in local park
Bees nest found while on walk in neighborhood
Explaining the wonders of the universe to a child
Walk through neighborhood to see fall foliage
View from atop ferris wheel at Hershey Park
Walk along the pond near my home after a snow storm.
Rusty and the Turtle at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philly.
Coast Guard ship at night in Baltimore
Costumed performers at Star Wars oncert in Washington, DC
My son at the Star Wars Concert in Washington, DC
Shopping at the Disney store in New York

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